Powering enterprise retail store associates through simplicity.

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A single app—endless possibilities.

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Tulip Retail
Built for Next Generation
Retail Store Associates.

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The Tulip Retail Mobile Associate App exists to solve a real-world problem. When standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a customer, store associates desire a tool they can trust, that is beautiful and easy-to-use, but that also fits the demanding, physical needs they encounter daily. Our Mobile Associate App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch offers a way for store associate to access the right product, inventory, or customer information when it matters most.

And it doesn’t stop there: Tulip offers custom app design to fit the needs of all store associates, whether it’s to create a skincare regimen using a face chart or to design a dream kitchen using a look builder tool, all on the selling floor.

Product information page within the Tulip Retail app

Tell a winning 
brand story.

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Create story storytellers by closing the knowledge gap between store associates and their customers with Tulip’s Catalog Module. Provide real-time access to product information, customer reviews, manufacturer notes, and rich media to tell that winning story.

Email product recommendations to the customer

Inspire customers beyond the store.

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With our Look Building Module, store associates can quickly and easily assemble new looks based on customer style and size preferences, then send directly via email or SMS—all within Tulip’s Clienteling Suite.

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Streamline data from every
corner of the business.

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Clean, consolidate, and serve up data from several areas of the business, including order history, customer profiles, inventory availability, corporate communications and training, as well as workforce management into one, easy-to-use platform. Store associates spend more time selling, and less time wondering.

Completed order in the app checkout

Multi-task from
anywhere in the store.

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Streamline operations and communications with the Store Communications Suite and keep store associates on the selling floor. Provide them ways to perform product look-ups by scanning item barcodes or print price tags using third-party hardware integrations from anywhere in the store.

Harness the power
of social selling.

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Integrate customer social media profiles into the Tulip Mobile Associate App to provide store associates an additional communication channel. Through social, they’re better able to create a personalized outreach approach, as well as being able to anticipate shopping behavior through online activity.

Ship anywhere with the Tulip Retail app

Transact and ship from anywhere in the endless aisle.

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Ship-from-store or online and combine multiple orders into one transaction for faster check-outs with Tulip’s omnichannel Cart Module.

Stay PCI compliant.

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At Tulip, we’re PCI compliant and fully out of scope. By integrating with PCI compliant payment hardware, customer information and credit card numbers are never seen or stored in Tulip.

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Inspire incredible customer
service  everytime.

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Tulip makes it easy for store associates to gain a 360-degree view of customer profiles through our
Customers Module or by integrating with a third-party CRM. Online customer profiles are synced to the app so store associates can perform true clienteling with access to style preferences, order history, and the customer’s persona attributes, where they can then pull it all together into a great brand story by sending personalized emails or SMS.

The customer dashboard in the Tulip Retail app

Harness the power of performance management.

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Create transparency and inspire store associates to reach and engage more customers through performance tracking and management. An individualized dashboard can show store associates how they stack up against their peers as well as their own personal goals. They can view metrics relating to the rate of client follow-ups and how customer spending is connected to outbound communications.

Share files anywhere, anytime.

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Using a document management system provides enterprise retailers the ability to support hundreds of file types, which store associates can access whenever they need. Sync new marketing collateral, the latest lookbooks, important HR policies, as well as training guides in minutes and across the enterprise.

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Chatting in the Tulip Retail app

A smarter way to collaborate.

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Take pictures of remerchandised displays with the iPad and share directly with head office teams to get tasks done faster and better.

Connect store associates
to the enterprise.

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Send important communications from head office to stores faster and more reliably. With regional or individual-level announcements, store associates are kept informed of the latest promotions, security policy updates, or training requirements in moments and with minimal resources.

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Create a community of elite selling professionals.

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Integrate with industry-leading chat platforms and enable store associates to live-chat with peers as well as across other store locations. Now, they’re able to participate in group chats to receive instant support related to customer service, sales best practices, and product information.